What happened to STLtwitter.ning.com?

February 23, 2010 at 9:26 am (St. Louis Twitter Ning) (, , )

Long story short, I shut it down, and now a spammer has the URL.

PLEASE do not confuse this website with the old STLtwitter.com. I shut down the old site after a couple months of sitting on my hands deciding what to do with it. Ultimately, I didn’t think it was fair for everyone’s information to be sitting out there with the possibility of getting abused. So, I deleted it, along with everyone’s personal information.

Today, I get an .rss update from STLtwitter.com about a new user, who’s name I recognize, because since I started the site I’ve had to ban him, delete out a 1000+ spam invitations that he sent, and continue to receive spam emails from him often. It looks like he took up the old ning name and is using it now. So, I warn you DO NOT register for STLtwitter.com it’s not my site anymore, it’s now run by a spammer.

I apologize for any confusion this has caused, I wish I could do something about it.


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How I use Foursquare and how you can make it better

October 22, 2009 at 1:13 am (Social Networking) (, , )

Foursquare went live in St. Louis last week, and it seems to me it’s people are using it as an extension of Twitter, rather than its own separate social network. The concept is great, but I don’t think some people “get it”. Foursquare has a very open platform, but has a much more specific use that separates itself from other social networking tools, therefore users must use their own discretion.

I’ve put together my personal preferences and some suggestions to other users. Obviously there are exceptions to these, they are just suggestions.

Who I friend:
My rule of thumb is this, If I’m not interested on hanging out with you, I’m not your “friend”. Don’t take that the wrong way.

Where I check in:
Places of interest. I ask myself, “Does anyone care that I’m here or would anyone want to come here?”. If the answer is no for both, then I don’t post it. I’m sure no one cares if I visit a gas station, grocery store, McDonald’s, home or work (Unless work is someplace you spend your free time or want visitors).

My suggestions to users:

  • Don’t check it at your work or home.
  • Tag venues so others know what to expect.
  • Suggest tips on good dishes and drink specials.
  • Don’t check in at the same place twice in one visit to say something site specific. Either add a tip, tag it or use the “Shout” function.

Foursquare is a completely unique social service, and should be treated as such. I don’t want 100+ Foursquare friends and I don’t want to know their every move. Obviously you can make up your own mind and do whatever you want, but this is how I find value in it, and might be why I’m not your “friend”.

How do you use Foursquare? What are your pet peeves? Am I taking this too seriously?

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August 11, 2009 at 10:29 pm (Personal) (, , )

Hi Mom!

It looks like people can actually find my blog by “googling” my name, as told to me by my mother. She also found my Twitter. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I’m cool with it, she brought me a Chipotle gift card up to work yesterday. Thanks Mom and I love you!

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STL Twitter for Newbies Suggestions

May 15, 2009 at 6:14 pm (St. Louis Twitter Ning) (, , )

Hey St. Louis, I need your help. I want to put together a bit of a “who’s who” and new users guide to St. Louis for new twitter users. I’ve got some ideas to ease the pain for new users who are probably overwhelemed with everything. This will be hosted on the STLTwitter page, but other STL sites are welcome to use it as well.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • People who have a lot of tweets geared for new users. @tojosan is probably the best example of this, but I’m looking for others.
  • Local “Celebrities” i.e. Radio DJ’s and Talk show hosts. I’m ashamed to say, I can probably only think of 1 that I follow.
  • Local places and their tweet streams. i.e. @themuny
  • Major STL sites like @SceneSTL and major news outlets like @weatherbird
  • Any STL bots like @stlbot
  • And a list of any other STL sites of intrest (I should have most on the right of the STL page) Please let me know if I’m missing any.
  • And anything else you find helpful to stay connected in St. Louis!
  • Maybe 1 or 2 generic “New Twitter Users” guides. I’ll for sure link to @tojosan’s, which was a big help for me!

I want to keep it as simple as possible, so I don’t want to create a White Pages of STL, I’d like to keep it strictly as a guide for new users to be able to find value. I appreciate any help, please leave a comment below or contact me. If I can keep track of who helped I’ll give a shout out on the page. Thanks for your help!

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Ugh, Spam!

March 21, 2009 at 8:07 pm (St. Louis Twitter Ning) (, , , )

So I got my first taste of the “best” part of running the ning site. Unintended promotion via a spam bot! They joined about a week ago, and I thought  there was something weird about it. I noticed like 5 other people join afterwards that didn’t belong. I was looking at the members and noticed that the original “person” had proceeded to invite over 1000 people to our site! They didn’t even have a website, what were they planing on doing? So the people that joined afterward were randomly invited, AND JOINED! Well, hopefully that’s over for now…

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Do you promote twitter?

February 20, 2009 at 8:16 pm (Twitter) (, )

Do you talk to people about Twitter? Do you talk to NEW people about Twitter? I’ve talked to friends about Twitter, they know how big of a dork I am. But new acquaintances I’ve never really said anything. Working in sales, I could very definitely talk about Twitter to customers too. I guess it’s hard to explain the concept to non-social media junkies. I’d love to get more people interested, especially if it means I can better connect with my customers.

How to you explain Twitter to acquaintances or customers?

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Tweetup Sucess!

February 14, 2009 at 1:22 am (Twitter) (, , )

Do you want to know how awesome the St. Louis Tweetup was? Twitter failwhaled out of shear amazement! (Well for a second there at least…)

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who came out tonight, it couldn’t have been done without you guys.   Special thanks to @chrisromer for playing photographer, I’ll try to get a link to his flickr as soon as he gets pics uploaded. I think we all were very impressed how fast we all populated the STL Twitter Homepage and got the ball rolling on this. Again, thanks for all the RT’s and talk about it to make it a success!

Schlafly’s was packed, but I hope I got around to everyone, I’m pouring through tweets to put names to faces to nicknames to avatars. I had a blast, and I’m really glad I got out of my social “box” and met some new people. I definitely learned some things tonight, which I will proudly display in a snazzy bullet list.

  • The bar was awesome. It was also packed, and loud… I had a ton of fun, but I feel like I missed out on some good conversations.
  • As dumb as it sounds, nametags would actually be a great idea, maybe even ones with our avatars on them for those who have comics or funny bannanna costumes on as their avetar.
  • I don’t care what you say, the band was AWESOME! How many people get to see an electric mandolin? Much less playing “Devil Went Down to Georgia” behind their head!
  • Always state your intentions to move any chairs…
  • Charge your battery up before you go! I know I wasn’t the only one with a dead battery. I really wanted to stream the band on Qik.
  • The correct spelling of Shlafley’sSchafly’s… SCHLAFLY’S!

I hope to see you folks again soon!

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St. Louis Tweetup Friday 13th

February 10, 2009 at 9:19 pm (Twitter) (, )

This Friday we’re having a Tweetup at Schafly bottleworks it Maplewood at 8 pm. If you haven’t heard already, you must have fallen of the face of the earth.  Either that or you’re not on twitter, in which case you should be. Please RSVP on the St. Louis Twitter Homepage so we can get a headcount.

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Qik for mobile. In case the world doesn’t see you enough.

February 9, 2009 at 12:54 am (Products) (, , , , )

Qik is a awesome program that lets you record (and live stream) video from your phone, upload it online, and update a number of social media sites, all seamlessly and simple.

I’ve seen quite a few twitter users that are on Qik, and never really had a phone that would support it. Recently, I retired my company Blackberry Curve, and opted for a Blackberry Bold. Since the Bold is 3G + WiFi it was much better suited for Qik. Current Qik is supported on a pretty wide range of smartphones (including the iPhone) as well as a ton of Nokias. Supported Devices.

Qik then is downloaded on the phone. A super simple interface will then title, tag and then start your video feed. This will start to stream live on Qik’s website. Once you stop it will upload the movie in it’s entirety online.

You can integrate a number of sites into Qik. From their website you can add twitter support and youtube (the 2 I did). If you want facebook support, you actually have to add a facebook app to do so.

It’s that simple to start live streaming video from your phone, and keep your social web apps updated automatically. I did a post earlier chronicling how it’s a pain in the neck to get Qik onto WordPress.com, along with a video of the new car.

p.s. My Qik account is here, add me!

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STL Twitter Users page is LIVE!

February 5, 2009 at 12:49 pm (Twitter) (, )

Go head over to http://stltwitter.ning.com/ and check it out! Hopefully we can put this to good use!

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