NoSleepHD protects my sanity

March 9, 2009 at 7:54 pm (Technology) (, , , )

NoSleepHD is an windows utility that stops your external hard drive from going to sleep. Windows by default will put to sleep external devices to save energy and such. The problem I have is when my external decides to wind up, which can be at any given time, gives me some terrible audio feedback on my speakers. So, until I get that problem fixed (Most likely convert to all digital audio) this will do. Also people who need the performance perks of having a external that is ready to go will also find use in this program. It’s pretty straightforward, free and you can download it here.


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IMHO: Bold vs. iPhone

February 28, 2009 at 1:39 pm (Technology) (, , , , )

Let me start by saying a couple things. First, this is by no means an in depth review of either, and all information is ‘as is’ and is subject to truthfulness and change and in no way is a representation of either AT&T, Apple or Blackberry. Second, I know this is about 4 months too late, but I’ve now had enough time with both to find all the quirks. Lastly, I love both of these phones. They are hands down 2 of the best phones you can buy via carriers today. Do not mistake my criticisms for fanboyism for either product.

1st up, the crowd favorite, the iPhone:


  • App store: If there is one thing that I miss the most about the iPhone, it’s the app store.
  • Touch screen: Now, I haven’t had a lot of face time with the big competitor on this one, The Storm, but it is hands down better than any other touch screen phone I’ve handled.
  • Texting: Full keyboard, auto correct, threaded text that is so simple and easy I can do it one handed. drunk. in a windstorm. with a chimpanzee on my back beating my skull in. You get the point.
  • Accessorize: There are more cases available for the iPhone than you can shake a stick at, plus many more cool accessories.
  • Email: It looks pretty, full html email support is awesome, especially if you actually want to read those emails sends you.


  • Everything already stated by everyone criticizing the iPhone: mms, copy/paste, background tasks, video, etc…
  • Email support sucks: It does. It’s pretty (above), but between the pain in the ass setup process and limited support. Have you tried to set up a email on an iPhone? Don’t bother.
  • No insurance: I couldn’t trust myself with that thing.
  • No Turn by turn GPS: Or traffic rerouting for that matter. I think there is big money to be made here.

The Underdog (Blackberry Bold)


  • PUSH. EMAIL. SUPPORT.: For everyone, any email service. end of story.
  • Solid keyboard: I’m pretty picky about my keyboards now, the Bold is definitely hands down the best physical keyboard. When you pick it up and start slamming out some text, you’ll notice the difference.
  • Less app restrictions: Less restrictive API and no manufacturing blessing necessary. Opera mini and Youmail are my two favorite apps, which will never be available on the iPhone if things stay the way they are.


  • Coolness: Definitely less cool than the iPhone. Yes I am that vain and self centered.
  • Leather Back: While it looks classy, mine is already all torn up.

Either way, you’re getting an awesome phone, and do recommend both, you just need to decide what is important to you. What phones do you guys recommend?

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February 1, 2009 at 12:11 am (Products) (, , )

The SnuggieThat’s right, I got my snuggie at Walgreens for $15. And let me tell you, it does keep me warm¬† AND my hands free! Best of all, it comes with the booklight (A $15 value!). It’s actually not to bad, I usually wrap a blanket around me anyway when I’m on the computer, and needed a new one anyway (Thanks dog). So, yes, I am blogging about my snuggie, in my snuggie. Now if I can find a way to stop dragging it through my ash tray…

If you haven’t seen the youtube video for the “what the fuck blanket” here’s your chance, it made me LOL.

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I Love Chipotle!

January 7, 2009 at 11:09 pm (Restaurants, Reviews) (, , , , )

I love Chipotle. That’s what this is about, I went into the Kirkwood Chipotle today (Kirkwood Rd. and 44) and was amazed at their customer service! The place was packed, there was a line to even sit down! Mostly 30 somethings dressed in ties and slacks all on their lunch break. I wanted my old standby, the Steak Burrito, no compromise, but alas, there was no fresh steak and asked if I wanted to wait. Knowing that anything less than the best would be a let down, I stood aside, but the cashier handed me a drink cup.¬† That was pretty nice, every big box sits your cup on a tray, mocking you, while your food is prepared. 15 or so customers came in, and I waited, finally I saw my steak was done and got back in line, got my burrito and was told it was ‘on the house’!

Fancy that! I wasn’t one of the people waiting for a seat, I was far from looking almost important, I wasn’t in a rush and I didn’t make a huff. But sure enough, I got a free meal! Now that’s customer service, either these people are so scared of customer complaints, or they truly care about their job and are empowered enough to help customers. I’m thinking the later, Chipotle employees time and time again show me their excellent work ethic. I wish I had cash on me to leave a tip, I guess I’ll have to eat there again soon and leave extra.

I love Chipotle, I love food in general, but between Chipotles excellent fresh food, and excelent customer service, I’ll drive pretty far out of my way to eat at Chipotle!

I’ve added some links for the inquisitive!
Nutrition Caluculator (via
And for those with more self restraint than I, how to eat healthy (via

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