Recieve Google Voice calls via PC

July 30, 2009 at 10:36 pm (Technology) (, , )

EDIT: Gizmo5 registration is closed as of now, so this process is no longer valid.

So if you’re like me and always looking for a new way to nerd out, you’veĀ  already gotten your Google Voice number and are asking, now what? Personally, I’ve been wanting to take my Google Voice calls on my computer. I’m also cheap, so I wanted to receive my Google Voice calls for FREE. Here’s how, because most guides online are quite more complicated than they need to be, or not complete.

Please note, I am not an expert in IP Telephony, so YMMV and use at your own risk. I’ll be able glad to help as much as I can if you run into anything.

1.) Get a Google Voice invite. This is probably the hardest part seeing that it is still invite only.

2.) Go to Gizmo5 and create an account. Pay attention to the SIP phone account they assign you (It’ll look like 1747xxxxxxx), you’ll need it in a second.

3.) While in your new Gizmo5 account click the “My” tab on the top right. One of the top section is used to connect your Gizmo5 number to Google Voice, enter the info and save.

4.) Download SIP Communicator and install. It will prompt you to add your information under the SIP account (Top Left account). Add you SIP information as ‘’ placing your number you got on the last step and your Gizmo5 password.

5.) Head back to Google Voice, and bring up your settings and add a new forwarding phone, choose it as a Gizmo5 and add your 747 number. Receive the confirmation call in SIP Communicator and enter the verification code (To bring up the dial pad, press the icon in the bottom left corner, that looks like a circle).

6.) You now can receive calls on your desktop when someone calls your Google Voice!

Please note that I’ve seen info change on this daily it seems, mainly on the length of received calls through Gizmo5, but the most recent I’ve seen it’s unlimited incoming.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Google Voice can offer, and there will be many more things to come.


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How to simplify your life with Google Reader

January 26, 2009 at 12:40 am (Technology) (, , )

rss_logoSo, I’m a pretty techie guy, but until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t set up Google Reader. For those who don’t know the concept of an RSS reader, it’s simple. Websites (especially blogs) have what’s referred to as a feed (Indicated by the logo to the left). You can subscribe to these feeds with a feed reader and get all the updates at one source. So if you have a couple websites that you check daily (or more), you add them to your reader, and it’s a personalized news feed! I’d say it cuts my morning waste time on the computer routine down quite a lot. It’s pretty easy to set up, and again, I’ll hold your hand!

google-reader11.) Pick a reader, I’ll be using Google Reader. It’s pretty straightforward and I can use it at work. Point your browser to and login (or create a google account). This will bring up your reader page, right now it should be blank (with an intro video)

icanhasrssfeed12.) Head to your favorite website, and play a little game called spot the reader. Some websites it’s pretty obvious, others you have to do some poking around. We’ll use icancheezburger. The RSS feed logo is always an indicator, but some websites just say the words “Feed” or “RSS”, but they will do the same thing. Mine says “Entries RSS” on the bottommost section of the right side toolbar.

readers23.) Most websites will prompt you to add the feed to a reader, you’ll click google, or whichever reader you use. Then click “Add to google reader”. This should bring you back to your reader, where you can now always catch the most recent cats with poor grammar(Not that I’m much better)

There’s really not to much more to it, as you find more interesting websites (Like my blog, hint hint) add it to your reader, so you can always stay on top of things! Just try not to spend ALL day looking at cat pictures!

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Why aren’t you using Pidgin yet? (with Facebook chat!)

January 19, 2009 at 10:32 pm (Technology) (, , , )

This post is for my less tech savy friends (I’ll go easy on you!). If you are still using separate programs for AIM/MSN Messenger/MyspaceIM this is for you. If you want to use facebook chat without having to log into facebook’s website, this is also for you. Pidgin solves all these problems and wraps them into one easy to use, customizable program.

Pidgin has been around for a bit, and those who had used trillian should be familiar with the concept, all of your messangers in one spot. You can see from their website that out of the box it supports a slew of messengers, and i’ll show you how to add facebook to the list. Don’t worry, you can hold my hand…

1.) Download Pidgin and install. It’s fairly simple, just hop over to and hit Download. Obviously install, I recommend going ahead and installing the dictionary for spell check support.

2.) Go ahead and install the Facebook chat plugin found here (For the curious, their website can be found here). Start up pidgin (Mine did crash the 1st time, so don’t freak if yours does the same) and it should automatically bring you to the following screen, if not click ‘Accounts’ > ‘Manage Accounts’ on the top of the screen.

Yeah, you know who I am if you need me.

3.) Your’s won’t look like that, it’s okay. Go ahead and click Add, select the messengers you want (We’ll use facebook).

Pidgin Facebook

4.) This should be pretty self explanatory, but here’s a screen shot just in case. Go ahead and put your email address and password in there and hit save. Make sure there is a check box next to your account on the account screen (Picture #1) and close. You’re online friends should be showing up, and you can start to chat away!

The next steps. You saw in the 2nd screen shot MyspaceIM was already in there, along with other popular services, add whatever you need, and they’ll automatically login when you start pidgin. You can even update your facebook status by clicking ‘Accounts’ > ‘Facebook’ > ‘Update Status’. Some of my twitter friends should note that you can find a twitter plugin here. It will update your status according to your tweet history. friends you can add a plugin that will change your status according to what you scrobble, add it here.

If you guys have any questions, let me know, I’d be glad to help you out!

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