Do you promote twitter?

February 20, 2009 at 8:16 pm (Twitter) (, )

Do you talk to people about Twitter? Do you talk to NEW people about Twitter? I’ve talked to friends about Twitter, they know how big of a dork I am. But new acquaintances I’ve never really said anything. Working in sales, I could very definitely talk about Twitter to customers too. I guess it’s hard to explain the concept to non-social media junkies. I’d love to get more people interested, especially if it means I can better connect with my customers.

How to you explain Twitter to acquaintances or customers?


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Tweetup Sucess!

February 14, 2009 at 1:22 am (Twitter) (, , )

Do you want to know how awesome the St. Louis Tweetup was? Twitter failwhaled out of shear amazement! (Well for a second there at least…)

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who came out tonight, it couldn’t have been done without you guys.   Special thanks to @chrisromer for playing photographer, I’ll try to get a link to his flickr as soon as he gets pics uploaded. I think we all were very impressed how fast we all populated the STL Twitter Homepage and got the ball rolling on this. Again, thanks for all the RT’s and talk about it to make it a success!

Schlafly’s was packed, but I hope I got around to everyone, I’m pouring through tweets to put names to faces to nicknames to avatars. I had a blast, and I’m really glad I got out of my social “box” and met some new people. I definitely learned some things tonight, which I will proudly display in a snazzy bullet list.

  • The bar was awesome. It was also packed, and loud… I had a ton of fun, but I feel like I missed out on some good conversations.
  • As dumb as it sounds, nametags would actually be a great idea, maybe even ones with our avatars on them for those who have comics or funny bannanna costumes on as their avetar.
  • I don’t care what you say, the band was AWESOME! How many people get to see an electric mandolin? Much less playing “Devil Went Down to Georgia” behind their head!
  • Always state your intentions to move any chairs…
  • Charge your battery up before you go! I know I wasn’t the only one with a dead battery. I really wanted to stream the band on Qik.
  • The correct spelling of Shlafley’sSchafly’s… SCHLAFLY’S!

I hope to see you folks again soon!

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St. Louis Tweetup Friday 13th

February 10, 2009 at 9:19 pm (Twitter) (, )

This Friday we’re having a Tweetup at Schafly bottleworks it Maplewood at 8 pm. If you haven’t heard already, you must have fallen of the face of the earth.  Either that or you’re not on twitter, in which case you should be. Please RSVP on the St. Louis Twitter Homepage so we can get a headcount.

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STL Twitter Users page is LIVE!

February 5, 2009 at 12:49 pm (Twitter) (, )

Go head over to and check it out! Hopefully we can put this to good use!

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STL Twitter Wiki

January 28, 2009 at 4:17 pm (Twitter) (, , )

After some good old pro/con lists, I’m thinking wiki style will be the best bet for a STL Twitter Homepage. I’ve been looking at for the host.  It has the features I was looking for, Calendar creation, Page level editing control, Email notifications and RSS feeds. Best of all, it’s free! The only real downsides are no dedicated custom URL (Like maybe) and a way to integrate into twitter easily, but I don’t think that will be that big of a problem, and I can always get a redirect service if I need to. Also, I’m not creative enough to think of any real creative names outside of STL Twitters, or something along the lines. Since it’s wiki style, I’ll have it setup so those who want to can feel free to edit away, thus taking a lot of the risk of it getting stale out of my hands, So i’ll need your help!

Again, looking for your feedback on what else you think would be nice to have. Are there any other features you would be looking for? Any cool suggestions for a name? Let me know!

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St. Louis Twitter Homepage?

January 27, 2009 at 10:05 pm (Twitter) (, , )

So, we have a LinkedIn page for St. Louis that is usually used to link photos and announce tweetups, but I think St. Louis could utilize something grander! I would think with around 250+ twitters in St. Louis, we could all benefit to a homepage of sorts for us. We could have upcoming events, friendly people to follow in the area (potentially a long list), what bots are St. Louis centred, links to sites that feature St. Louis twitters and St. Louis centered #hashtags. Maybe even picture hosting? I don’t know if this would be more effective as a blog style or wiki style. Or if I would even create/maintain this.

I’m willing to take this on, I’d just like to know if there would be an interest in it. I am pretty new to the whole website development/maintenance and don’t know what my limits are yet. My ‘impressive’ blogging skills can attest that I wouldn’t be the best for this, but it would be a great project for me though!

Do you think there is a need for this (or would it be redundant with the LinkedIn page)? What are you suggestions or ideas? Am I wasting my breath(or electrons)? Please give me some feedback here so I can see what the interest level is.

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