I Love Chipotle!

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I love Chipotle. That’s what this is about, I went into the Kirkwood Chipotle today (Kirkwood Rd. and 44) and was amazed at their customer service! The place was packed, there was a line to even sit down! Mostly 30 somethings dressed in ties and slacks all on their lunch break. I wanted my old standby, the Steak Burrito, no compromise, but alas, there was no fresh steak and asked if I wanted to wait. Knowing that anything less than the best would be a let down, I stood aside, but the cashier handed me a drink cup.  That was pretty nice, every big box sits your cup on a tray, mocking you, while your food is prepared. 15 or so customers came in, and I waited, finally I saw my steak was done and got back in line, got my burrito and was told it was ‘on the house’!

Fancy that! I wasn’t one of the people waiting for a seat, I was far from looking almost important, I wasn’t in a rush and I didn’t make a huff. But sure enough, I got a free meal! Now that’s customer service, either these people are so scared of customer complaints, or they truly care about their job and are empowered enough to help customers. I’m thinking the later, Chipotle employees time and time again show me their excellent work ethic. I wish I had cash on me to leave a tip, I guess I’ll have to eat there again soon and leave extra.

I love Chipotle, I love food in general, but between Chipotles excellent fresh food, and excelent customer service, I’ll drive pretty far out of my way to eat at Chipotle!

I’ve added some links for the inquisitive!
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