Qik for mobile. In case the world doesn’t see you enough.

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Qik is a awesome program that lets you record (and live stream) video from your phone, upload it online, and update a number of social media sites, all seamlessly and simple.

I’ve seen quite a few twitter users that are on Qik, and never really had a phone that would support it. Recently, I retired my company Blackberry Curve, and opted for a Blackberry Bold. Since the Bold is 3G + WiFi it was much better suited for Qik. Current Qik is supported on a pretty wide range of smartphones (including the iPhone) as well as a ton of Nokias. Supported Devices.

Qik then is downloaded on the phone. A super simple interface will then title, tag and then start your video feed. This will start to stream live on Qik’s website. Once you stop it will upload the movie in it’s entirety online.

You can integrate a number of sites into Qik. From their website you can add twitter support and youtube (the 2 I did). If you want facebook support, you actually have to add a facebook app to do so.

It’s that simple to start live streaming video from your phone, and keep your social web apps updated automatically. I did a post earlier chronicling how it’s a pain in the neck to get Qik onto WordPress.com, along with a video of the new car.

p.s. My Qik account is here, add me!


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Youmail, Voicemail on steroids

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I recently started using youmail for my voicemail, and I have to say, it is AWESOME! Essentially it’s voicemail on steroids. There are a lot of cool features that definitely enhance how I use my phone. It’s VERY easy to setup, and they lead you through the whole process (With pictures!).

First off it you can listen to your voicemail from any computer, pretty nice if you loose your phone, and you can receive voicmail updates via email and text. They call this “Visual Voicemail”, but if you’ve used an iPhone, it’s just not the same. But wait, there’s more! If you have a blackberry, you CAN have visual voicemail like on the iPhone! The Youmail program does the exact same function of the iPhone visual voicemail. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there. All of this is FREE too, can’t beat that!

Youmail also offers a transcriber service as well, at reasonable prices. If someone leaves you a voicemail, within 10 mins you get an email with a transcription of their message! I signed up, just to see how well it worked, 5 out of the 5 messages I got were spot on, the 6th was close enough.

There are a couple other cool features such as, ability to import contacts, set assigned voicemail to certain people and block calls (Or assign them a voicmail that states the phone has been disconnected!). My phone is for business and personal use, so I’ll setting my friends for a more personal greeting, and my work contacts can have something a little more formal.

There is some room for improvement, mainly the phone application support. The blackberry should definitely be able to recieve a push notification from youmail, and alert you that you have a voicmail via audio and vibration, without having to have a text sent to you. Hopefully they’re working on this, as well as more supported phones. Also the transcription service sometimes takes up to 15 mins on high quality. Youmail still seems like it needs some work before it can go mainstream, but it’s definately worth checking out if you can benefit from it’s features! Below are some pictures of the service, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the visual voicmail app though. 😦

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The SnuggieThat’s right, I got my snuggie at Walgreens for $15. And let me tell you, it does keep me warm  AND my hands free! Best of all, it comes with the booklight (A $15 value!). It’s actually not to bad, I usually wrap a blanket around me anyway when I’m on the computer, and needed a new one anyway (Thanks dog). So, yes, I am blogging about my snuggie, in my snuggie. Now if I can find a way to stop dragging it through my ash tray…

If you haven’t seen the youtube video for the “what the fuck blanket” here’s your chance, it made me LOL.

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So I came across Bacon Salt via reddit.com/r/bacon and @baconsalt on twitter, via @ganeshaxi. I found all 4 flavors at Schnucks for $4 and picked up both “Original” and “Peppered”. It’s pretty much the best thing that has happened to food, period. The company motto “Everything should taste like bacon” is a true testament to what you can put this product on. Obvious choices like french fries is a brilliant choice.  I also use it to season hamburgers, make quesadillas, scrambled eggs and in soup. It’s a whole lot easier than actually cooking bacon, seeing that I am pretty lazy! The best part is that it’s vegetarian, so my vegetarian friends can enjoy the taste of bacon, without having flashbacks from their grandfathers pig farm… I’m partial to the “Original” flavor, Schnucks also carries “Hickory”, “Natural” and “Peppered”.  But they have more flavors online, also some other products like Baconnaise (that would be bacon flavored mayonnaise) and bacon lip balm! If you’re looking for something to “spice up” your cooking, look no further than Bacon Salt!

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I Love Chipotle!

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I love Chipotle. That’s what this is about, I went into the Kirkwood Chipotle today (Kirkwood Rd. and 44) and was amazed at their customer service! The place was packed, there was a line to even sit down! Mostly 30 somethings dressed in ties and slacks all on their lunch break. I wanted my old standby, the Steak Burrito, no compromise, but alas, there was no fresh steak and asked if I wanted to wait. Knowing that anything less than the best would be a let down, I stood aside, but the cashier handed me a drink cup.  That was pretty nice, every big box sits your cup on a tray, mocking you, while your food is prepared. 15 or so customers came in, and I waited, finally I saw my steak was done and got back in line, got my burrito and was told it was ‘on the house’!

Fancy that! I wasn’t one of the people waiting for a seat, I was far from looking almost important, I wasn’t in a rush and I didn’t make a huff. But sure enough, I got a free meal! Now that’s customer service, either these people are so scared of customer complaints, or they truly care about their job and are empowered enough to help customers. I’m thinking the later, Chipotle employees time and time again show me their excellent work ethic. I wish I had cash on me to leave a tip, I guess I’ll have to eat there again soon and leave extra.

I love Chipotle, I love food in general, but between Chipotles excellent fresh food, and excelent customer service, I’ll drive pretty far out of my way to eat at Chipotle!

I’ve added some links for the inquisitive!
Nutrition Caluculator (via chipotlefan.com)
And for those with more self restraint than I, how to eat healthy (via ehow.com)

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