What apps I’m using on my iPhone

July 31, 2009 at 2:21 pm (Technology) (, )

Occasionally I like to post these because there are so many AWESOME apps on the iPhone, and hard to keep up with all of them. I just got my 3GS and I’m back up and running, and here’s what I’ve been using.  I’m also cheap, so these are all free.

  • fring – If you’re looking for push notification for Skype, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo or AIM this is it. Unfortunately the twitter support will push ALL mesages to the phone and as far as I can tell that is the only option in fring. I’ve also been playing with the SIP support for Gizmo5 and Google Voice.
  • Chess with Friends and Words with Friends – These 2 apps support multiplayer chess and scrabble, enough said. My username is doctorsound.
  • Bump – Transfer contact info between two bump users via a fist bump. I wish more people had this set up already…
  • World War – I’m again addicted to another unimaginative MMO iPhone app, this one focused around the military. my ‘alliance’ code is J8YDEB
  • Cube – First Person Shooter for the iPhone, seems to be kinda buggy. It’s got a lot of potential, especially with better Multiplayer capabilities.

What are some apps that have caught your attention?



  1. Robyns Online World said,

    My favorites – TweetDeck, Google App (I so love the voice search!), SnapTell, Benjamin Moore Color Capture, Flood-It, and Topple. All free by the way.

    • doctorsound said,

      ooh, color capture looks awesome! Thanks for the comment.

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