IMHO: Bold vs. iPhone

February 28, 2009 at 1:39 pm (Technology) (, , , , )

Let me start by saying a couple things. First, this is by no means an in depth review of either, and all information is ‘as is’ and is subject to truthfulness and change and in no way is a representation of either AT&T, Apple or Blackberry. Second, I know this is about 4 months too late, but I’ve now had enough time with both to find all the quirks. Lastly, I love both of these phones. They are hands down 2 of the best phones you can buy via carriers today. Do not mistake my criticisms for fanboyism for either product.

1st up, the crowd favorite, the iPhone:


  • App store: If there is one thing that I miss the most about the iPhone, it’s the app store.
  • Touch screen: Now, I haven’t had a lot of face time with the big competitor on this one, The Storm, but it is hands down better than any other touch screen phone I’ve handled.
  • Texting: Full keyboard, auto correct, threaded text that is so simple and easy I can do it one handed. drunk. in a windstorm. with a chimpanzee on my back beating my skull in. You get the point.
  • Accessorize: There are more cases available for the iPhone than you can shake a stick at, plus many more cool accessories.
  • Email: It looks pretty, full html email support is awesome, especially if you actually want to read those emails sends you.


  • Everything already stated by everyone criticizing the iPhone: mms, copy/paste, background tasks, video, etc…
  • Email support sucks: It does. It’s pretty (above), but between the pain in the ass setup process and limited support. Have you tried to set up a email on an iPhone? Don’t bother.
  • No insurance: I couldn’t trust myself with that thing.
  • No Turn by turn GPS: Or traffic rerouting for that matter. I think there is big money to be made here.

The Underdog (Blackberry Bold)


  • PUSH. EMAIL. SUPPORT.: For everyone, any email service. end of story.
  • Solid keyboard: I’m pretty picky about my keyboards now, the Bold is definitely hands down the best physical keyboard. When you pick it up and start slamming out some text, you’ll notice the difference.
  • Less app restrictions: Less restrictive API and no manufacturing blessing necessary. Opera mini and Youmail are my two favorite apps, which will never be available on the iPhone if things stay the way they are.


  • Coolness: Definitely less cool than the iPhone. Yes I am that vain and self centered.
  • Leather Back: While it looks classy, mine is already all torn up.

Either way, you’re getting an awesome phone, and do recommend both, you just need to decide what is important to you. What phones do you guys recommend?



  1. Nerdgazm said,

    Lack of flash support for the iPhone is a big one in my book. I’d probably still buy one if I didn’t have to switch to AT&T though. Contracts suck, and I’m locked into one.

  2. scottrobertsweb said,

    I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. The lack of copy/paste and no Flash are glaring mistakes on Apple’s part.

  3. Marid said,

    Anyway I like my iphone, but the lack of flash support is my problem now.

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