Do you promote twitter?

February 20, 2009 at 8:16 pm (Twitter) (, )

Do you talk to people about Twitter? Do you talk to NEW people about Twitter? I’ve talked to friends about Twitter, they know how big of a dork I am. But new acquaintances I’ve never really said anything. Working in sales, I could very definitely talk about Twitter to customers too. I guess it’s hard to explain the concept to non-social media junkies. I’d love to get more people interested, especially if it means I can better connect with my customers.

How to you explain Twitter to acquaintances or customers?



  1. Rex Dixon said,

    Yes and it’s not something people understand. Trying to get the rest of the family on – no one seems to be interested. The funny thing is the person that is most rude about my consistent talk of twitter is in the prime range to be a tweeter – age 25-30 – and she doesn’t seem to want to learn or know anything about it. Another person – age 35-40 – is not at all interested in it.

    Since they don’t want to know anything about twitter, I send them messages about “Well since you don’t want to learn more about twitter… ” – I send my Twitpic site (since they won’t see it), and let them know about FriendFeed, etc… 🙂

  2. Robyns Online World said,

    I talk about twitter on my blog and I know there are folks there who do NOT ues it – yet. In real life outside my home I don’t mention it often – not too many folks have a clue (that I run into) about the internet it seems let alone something like Twitter.

  3. Nerdgazm said,

    It took me a while to grab ahold of Twitter full force. I started my account, and then forgot about it for around 6 months before coming back to check it out. For the first six months I had only 9 tweets, and then I picked it back up in January, and am over the 600 mark. I’m pretty hooked now, I don’t see me forgetting about it again.

    It’s just like anything else… it has to have something to keep your attention, and until you find people that fit the bill, it’s a pretty boring service.

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