Why my Facebook is Private

February 17, 2009 at 11:06 pm (Personal) (, , )

If you’re my friend on facebook, or twitter, you’ll notice my facebook profile is next to barren and a lot of things set to private, and I still think I have too much stuff on it. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  • I don’t see a need for that much information about me to be floating around on the Internet. If you haven’t seen all the articles about would be or ex-employers finding something on employees pages, well you’ve been living under a rock.
  • I had a good friend who I had trusted, use my facebook information against me, most of it was private.
  • If you haven’t seen the new facebook terms of service, you should. While some people are getting overly paranoid about it, it’s still important to know that they have the rights to what you put on their site. EDIT: While facebook has returned to the previous TOS, the point still stands, do you read the TOS? Do you know what websites can do with your information? Maybe you should
  • The least important to me, but most annoying, is targeted ads. I really didn’t realize it until Bev and I got engaged, but every ad is targeted to you. Ingenious really, but I don’t want any ad company with that much information about me. Silly me for giving it to them…
  • And finally, app requests. Note, this is different than apps themselves, it’s the automated requests is what I hate. I don’t fucking care. Yes, there are some fun, interesting aps, but none that you sent me. There is a search box for that. If you really want me to do something , send me a personal message, I’ll think about it.

So, by all means, be my facebook friend, chat it up, I love meeting new people, I just don’t want to get burned somewhere down the line. Facebook is a wonderful tool, but you must be smart with it. If you want to see what you can do to increase you privacy, check out this awesome article on protecting your privacy on facebook at Lifehacker. Also, I would check yourself out on People Search to see if you have any old accounts that you have forgotten about that need to be deleted. Aparently I had a friendster account at one time…


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