Qik for mobile. In case the world doesn’t see you enough.

February 9, 2009 at 12:54 am (Products) (, , , , )

Qik is a awesome program that lets you record (and live stream) video from your phone, upload it online, and update a number of social media sites, all seamlessly and simple.

I’ve seen quite a few twitter users that are on Qik, and never really had a phone that would support it. Recently, I retired my company Blackberry Curve, and opted for a Blackberry Bold. Since the Bold is 3G + WiFi it was much better suited for Qik. Current Qik is supported on a pretty wide range of smartphones (including the iPhone) as well as a ton of Nokias. Supported Devices.

Qik then is downloaded on the phone. A super simple interface will then title, tag and then start your video feed. This will start to stream live on Qik’s website. Once you stop it will upload the movie in it’s entirety online.

You can integrate a number of sites into Qik. From their website you can add twitter support and youtube (the 2 I did). If you want facebook support, you actually have to add a facebook app to do so.

It’s that simple to start live streaming video from your phone, and keep your social web apps updated automatically. I did a post earlier chronicling how it’s a pain in the neck to get Qik onto WordPress.com, along with a video of the new car.

p.s. My Qik account is here, add me!


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    […] Charge your battery up before you go! I know I wasn’t the only one with a dead battery. I really wanted to stream the band on Qik. […]

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