Doctorsound now on Qik!

February 9, 2009 at 12:22 am (Technology) (, , )

Can I post a Qik video on WordPress? Well not easily, but you can link your Qik account and have it automatically upload it to youtube, which you CAN embed on

I think I’ll do some more Qik videos soon, should be fun. After I took this I realized the follies of Qik on a phone, namely the constant downward shots, I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t want to see my dashboard the whole video.

I’ll run in the WRX again soon, maybe I’ll get a phone mount so I don’t have to hold it, kind of hard to shoot and shift. If you haven’t seen the car pics on facebook, check ’em out. Also, there’s a couple facebook apps that you can post youtube videos into your news feed. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one that does it automatically though. Video Below.


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  1. Qik for mobile. In case the world doesn’t see you enough. « Doctor Sound’s Murmurs said,

    […] live streaming video from your phone, and keep your social web apps updated automatically. I did a post earlier chronicling how it’s a pain in the neck to get Qik onto, along with a video of […]

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