Youmail, Voicemail on steroids

February 7, 2009 at 12:02 pm (Products, Technology) (, )

I recently started using youmail for my voicemail, and I have to say, it is AWESOME! Essentially it’s voicemail on steroids. There are a lot of cool features that definitely enhance how I use my phone. It’s VERY easy to setup, and they lead you through the whole process (With pictures!).

First off it you can listen to your voicemail from any computer, pretty nice if you loose your phone, and you can receive voicmail updates via email and text. They call this “Visual Voicemail”, but if you’ve used an iPhone, it’s just not the same. But wait, there’s more! If you have a blackberry, you CAN have visual voicemail like on the iPhone! The Youmail program does the exact same function of the iPhone visual voicemail. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there. All of this is FREE too, can’t beat that!

Youmail also offers a transcriber service as well, at reasonable prices. If someone leaves you a voicemail, within 10 mins you get an email with a transcription of their message! I signed up, just to see how well it worked, 5 out of the 5 messages I got were spot on, the 6th was close enough.

There are a couple other cool features such as, ability to import contacts, set assigned voicemail to certain people and block calls (Or assign them a voicmail that states the phone has been disconnected!). My phone is for business and personal use, so I’ll setting my friends for a more personal greeting, and my work contacts can have something a little more formal.

There is some room for improvement, mainly the phone application support. The blackberry should definitely be able to recieve a push notification from youmail, and alert you that you have a voicmail via audio and vibration, without having to have a text sent to you. Hopefully they’re working on this, as well as more supported phones. Also the transcription service sometimes takes up to 15 mins on high quality. Youmail still seems like it needs some work before it can go mainstream, but it’s definately worth checking out if you can benefit from it’s features! Below are some pictures of the service, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the visual voicmail app though. 😦


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