February 1, 2009 at 12:11 am (Products) (, , )

The SnuggieThat’s right, I got my snuggie at Walgreens for $15. And let me tell you, it does keep me warm  AND my hands free! Best of all, it comes with the booklight (A $15 value!). It’s actually not to bad, I usually wrap a blanket around me anyway when I’m on the computer, and needed a new one anyway (Thanks dog). So, yes, I am blogging about my snuggie, in my snuggie. Now if I can find a way to stop dragging it through my ash tray…

If you haven’t seen the youtube video for the “what the fuck blanket” here’s your chance, it made me LOL.



  1. Michele said,


    (profound I know but it’s all I got)

  2. coffee said,

    the Snuggie is my excuse to dress like a pink Jedi

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