St. Louis Twitter Homepage?

January 27, 2009 at 10:05 pm (Twitter) (, , )

So, we have a LinkedIn page for St. Louis that is usually used to link photos and announce tweetups, but I think St. Louis could utilize something grander! I would think with around 250+ twitters in St. Louis, we could all benefit to a homepage of sorts for us. We could have upcoming events, friendly people to follow in the area (potentially a long list), what bots are St. Louis centred, links to sites that feature St. Louis twitters and St. Louis centered #hashtags. Maybe even picture hosting? I don’t know if this would be more effective as a blog style or wiki style. Or if I would even create/maintain this.

I’m willing to take this on, I’d just like to know if there would be an interest in it. I am pretty new to the whole website development/maintenance and don’t know what my limits are yet. My ‘impressive’ blogging skills can attest that I wouldn’t be the best for this, but it would be a great project for me though!

Do you think there is a need for this (or would it be redundant with the LinkedIn page)? What are you suggestions or ideas? Am I wasting my breath(or electrons)? Please give me some feedback here so I can see what the interest level is.



  1. kopper said,

    I tried that last spring, IIRC. I set up a Twitter account for “StLouieLouie” and it had a photo of the statue of Saint Louis from Art Hill on it. I was tweeting about all sorts of stuff happening around St. Louis (mostly in the City, though), gathering info from various blogs and websites like the KDHX arts & events calendar, for instance. It was fun and there was a lot of interest, but I just got too busy to keep up with everything going on. Trying to tweet a dozen or so things every day like that gets to be pretty time consuming. I’d only suggest doing this if you have a couple of people with access to the email/password so you’re not the only one signing on to tweet about stuff. Good luck!

  2. Ryan Gladstone said,

    I’m interested, but would want to know what the signal/noise ratio looked like. I think too many tweets probably wouldn’t make sense or matter to those of not directly in their lives. St. Louis-centric or generally interesting tweets from the St. Louis area would be useful.

    • doctorsound said,

      Well, i’m trying to get away from a twitter account, but rather a website, so the issue of having too much stuff happening on in, or not enough, wouldn’t really be an issue. @GaneshaXI does already have a tweet bot up and running @stlbot for things like that.

  3. Sonia Coleman said,

    It sounds like you want to add more networking features than what Linked has… or do you just wants something more easily found by search engines? A WordPress blog can be set up fairly easily, but if you want something more robust, I’ve seen Ning being used to some success or you could always take it to Facebook. I think the questions are: What’s the purpose? How much time would it take to make it happen?

    It’s nice that Linkedin can basically serve as a listserver, but since I only get the emails once a week, it’s not as interactive as Twitter.

    • doctorsound said,

      Hey, that’s the words i’m looking for! Yes, the answer would be “Looking for more networking features”. WordPress might be the best bet if I do this, seeing that I already have this setup as one, but I’m still not ruling out a wiki.

      The purpose would be to get new St. Louis Twitters up to speed with what we do (tweetups, barcamp, etc), and keep existing ones updated on things, as well as have links, etc to st. louis groups. I want to stay away from a facebook setup, or anything that requires a login to read (pet peeve). And we could always integrate twitter to provide updates, make more interactive, but that may be beyond my skills for now.

  4. Gina said,

    I think that is a great idea. Definitely keep us all in the loop if this comes to be.

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