How to simplify your life with Google Reader

January 26, 2009 at 12:40 am (Technology) (, , )

rss_logoSo, I’m a pretty techie guy, but until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t set up Google Reader. For those who don’t know the concept of an RSS reader, it’s simple. Websites (especially blogs) have what’s referred to as a feed (Indicated by the logo to the left). You can subscribe to these feeds with a feed reader and get all the updates at one source. So if you have a couple websites that you check daily (or more), you add them to your reader, and it’s a personalized news feed! I’d say it cuts my morning waste time on the computer routine down quite a lot. It’s pretty easy to set up, and again, I’ll hold your hand!

google-reader11.) Pick a reader, I’ll be using Google Reader. It’s pretty straightforward and I can use it at work. Point your browser to and login (or create a google account). This will bring up your reader page, right now it should be blank (with an intro video)

icanhasrssfeed12.) Head to your favorite website, and play a little game called spot the reader. Some websites it’s pretty obvious, others you have to do some poking around. We’ll use icancheezburger. The RSS feed logo is always an indicator, but some websites just say the words “Feed” or “RSS”, but they will do the same thing. Mine says “Entries RSS” on the bottommost section of the right side toolbar.

readers23.) Most websites will prompt you to add the feed to a reader, you’ll click google, or whichever reader you use. Then click “Add to google reader”. This should bring you back to your reader, where you can now always catch the most recent cats with poor grammar(Not that I’m much better)

There’s really not to much more to it, as you find more interesting websites (Like my blog, hint hint) add it to your reader, so you can always stay on top of things! Just try not to spend ALL day looking at cat pictures!


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