January 24, 2009 at 10:52 am (Products) (, , , )

So I came across Bacon Salt via and @baconsalt on twitter, via @ganeshaxi. I found all 4 flavors at Schnucks for $4 and picked up both “Original” and “Peppered”. It’s pretty much the best thing that has happened to food, period. The company motto “Everything should taste like bacon” is a true testament to what you can put this product on. Obvious choices like french fries is a brilliant choice.  I also use it to season hamburgers, make quesadillas, scrambled eggs and in soup. It’s a whole lot easier than actually cooking bacon, seeing that I am pretty lazy! The best part is that it’s vegetarian, so my vegetarian friends can enjoy the taste of bacon, without having flashbacks from their grandfathers pig farm… I’m partial to the “Original” flavor, Schnucks also carries “Hickory”, “Natural” and “Peppered”.  But they have more flavors online, also some other products like Baconnaise (that would be bacon flavored mayonnaise) and bacon lip balm! If you’re looking for something to “spice up” your cooking, look no further than Bacon Salt!


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