What they don’t teach in High School

January 18, 2009 at 12:35 pm (Rants) (, , , )

I’ve been out of my parents house for about a year and a half now, I now live with my fiancee (had two roommates at one point, bad idea) and I’ve realized some things. I didn’t learn shit in high school. So I’ve been thinking , these are the things I wish I learned in high school, that I’ve had to learn the hard way.

  • How to iron clothes. Seriously, when I get done ironing pants, I have 3 extra seams in them…
  • How to balance a check book. It’s simple, but it would have been nice to know.
  • How to make a budget. Again, simple, but I always thought they were just for old people. I didn’t realize how essential they are to not going broke the 1st year you’re away.
  • How to study. This takes practice, and you have to find how YOU study. The problem is, I never did study in high school. I didn’t have to do much to skate by. Now in college, you actually have to study, and I didn’t have any sort of study habits.
  • How to do your taxes. You think the government would want people know how to do there taxes.
  • How to register your car, pay property tax and sales tax. I got a letter the other day saying I had a different car listed for my property tax. I didn’t know that I had to change that separately from when I got my plates transferred. Again, you think the government would want this stuff to be right.
  • How to buy a house, how a mortgage payment works, etc. If people were more informed about how that all works, maybe we wouldn’t be in as bad of a spot we are now.
  • How your credit score works. Do you know? I don’t, and no one around me seems to have a clue.

Some of these could be considerd failure on my part, but I think it would be good for students to learn this stuff. There are pleanty of mistakes that I made in high school. I took a couple blowoff classes, and really hurt me when I got to college. I didn’t study(above) but I didn’t need to, even in my non-blowoff classes. I didn’t get involved as much as I’d like, and when I did, I didn’t do much. So part of it was me being just plain lazy, but I really think the school system has so much more they could offer to better prepare students entering the “real world”, but never will.

What did you wish you learned in high school? What have you had to learn the hard way? Am I just a whiney westcounty kid?



  1. Karen Goodman said,

    I’ve been out of school and out of my parents house for a long time, but agree completely with your points.

    I didn’t study in high school either. Luckily, had a professor on day 1 of my freshman year spend the first lecture on how to study & take notes. Her tips got me through college & grad school. Apparently she understood what you learned the hard way.

    Credit is another thing that everyone should know. I actually just posted a few things on credit and first time home buyer tips for exactly this reason…no one understands it until they have lived through it.

    My hard learned lessons had to do with how to get your car fixed when it won’t start and you live 2 hours from your parents 🙂

  2. Ms. B. said,

    A way back when, they used to teach that stuff – I had a class that taught us how to keep a checkbook, but my dad taught me the budgeting part.

    And no, I don’t understand the tax credit stuff either. The key is teaching it in a way that makes sense and is actually helpful.

    Ironing, however, still doesn’t make sense. I avoid it 100%!

  3. denise said,

    o drew you make me smile cuz its so true!

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